All machinery of Kashmar Modares Textile Co. are from the best brands.
Among them, we can mention Rieter and Schlafhorst.
Rieter Co.
Rieter Trade Group was established by Mr. John Jacob in Swiss in 1795. In that time, it was engaged in trading cotton and flavors. But it changed its activity to knitting and investment in industries such as transportation, generators, machinery, tramva, tourbine, and martial industries by the son of family, Henrish Rieter in 1809, and it was administered familialy till 1899. Rieter was the first Swiss citizen in which labor system was established. Now it is one of the pioneers in textile industry, dying, and weaving in the world. Rieter’s machinery which were used in commissioning phase 2 were the newest full-automatic ones from Open End and Ring-Link series.
Schlafhorst Co.
Schlafhorst Co. was established in Germany in 1884. This company is the pioneer of textile industry and it has different brands in market. During the years from establishment up to now, this company has provided many inventions in this industry by its creativity and innovation, which has produced a revolution in textile industry and is one of the leaders of this industry in the world.