Phase One

Kashmar Modares Textile Co.
Filaments are entered to this factory as bales. Firstly, the bales are opened by hand and are transferred to the production line, which thereafter are beaten, mixed, and cleaned.
The devices in the production line are uniflok (automatice loading), uniclean (opening filaments), unimix (mixing filaments), fine cleaner (beating, mixing, and cleaning filaments), condenser (cleaning filaments).
The devices in the mixed line are mixing bale opener (opening, mixing, cleaning), countimeter (measuring filament percentage), and mixing (mixing, opening, cleaning).
The beaten filaments are converted to woven skeins by Card Machine after separation of short filaments and waste and mixing them together. The produced skeins are passed through two steps and are placed in the smaller banks. Next, the threads are produced by extending and twisting the filaments.
Due to low strength of this uni-ply thread for cloths, this thread shall be doubled. To do this, two uni-ply threads are attached and twisted by double-weaving machine.
It shall be mentioned that all production process is controlled by advanced quality control devices in the lab.
The final thread production step is controlling and packing the uni-ply and double-ply bobbins.