About of Company

Kashmar Modares Textile Co.
The central core of Kashmar Modares Textile Co. was established in 1989. In this year, a cooperative board was established by cooperation of regional trustees and they planned for entering to textile industry regarding the available cotton farms in the Kashmar.
Kashmar Modares Textile Co. was registered in 1990 and 5200 stockholders invested in this company after a public call.
The permit for production of thread from cotton with an annual capacity of 2000 ton thread per year was issued in 1998.
This factory was built in Bardeskan Industrial Town, Khorasan Razavi Province, in a land of 13 ha. The first phase of this complex was developed up to 13,000 sqm in 2002 and its production capacity increased to 3000 ton per year.
In 2005, after a trial production, thick threads were produced which were used for production of tarp and jean cloths. Accordingly, the production capacity reached to 4000 ton per year in 2008.
The second phase of this factory was ordered in 2011 in a hall of 12,000 sqm. The state-of-the-art technology was implemented in this phase, which can produce a broad spectrum of products (from the least diameter to the most diameter threads). Upon commissioning of phase 2 with a capital of EUR 30m, the annual production capacity of this factory was increased to 6000 ton per year, which will be increased to 10,000 ton per year.